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Vitae Bárbara Aziago

Personal statement

From my previous jobs I have gained a vast experience on dealing with people, which included helping to solve issues, being patient, answering clients’ doubts and giving information. Having good communication skills was vitally important and understanding needs was always crucial. I also have a friendly nature and I have the ability to remain calm under pressure.

Personal Information
• Gender: Female
• Nationality: Brazilian
• Contacts: 00353(0) 833996606
• Languages - Portuguese (Mother Tongue) English (elementary) • Address: Viking Court, 9 Meath Place, Dublin 8, Ireland
• Date of Birth: 13/09/1989


• Bachelor in Law, Cruzeiro do Sul University – São Paulo, Brazil [2009/2013]

Work experiences

House Cleaner (April 2017 / October 2017) – Self-employed in the cleaning sector
Responsible for:
• Cleaning numerous homes in a timely and orderly manner
• Perform heavy cleaning duties such as cleaning floors, glass, washing and scrubbing walls, vacuum carpets, and sweep floors
• Gather and remove rubbish throughout the houses
• Cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens
• Performed household errands: grocery shopping, and pharmacy pick-up

Vilella & Ibanez Advogados Associados (May 2015 / April 2017) – Brazilian company in the law sector
Administrative Assistant, responsible for:
• Contract analysis
• Judicial collections
• Debts negotiations by phone and through meetings with clients
• Excel reports
• Reception at events


• Lia Menezes – House owner (+55 11 2514 2025)
• Felipe Omodei – Supervisor at Vilella & Ibanez Advogados Associados (+55 11 96753 8310)

9, viking court, meath place, dublin 8

Send Message Phone: 833996606