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Couchsurfing it's an amazing way to travel. But sometimes hosters don't have all time to present the city. 

Webmedia Group Portugal is building the first Couchsurfing travelers Suport Center to give to the traveles the best time possible in the "Best European Destination 2012, 2014 and 2017": PORTO. 

What we are offering / building:

Workshop / Presentation - some local advice about:
- what to eat
- what to see
- some secret spots
- what cities that you can visit
- Information about: 
      - Porto transport tickets; 

Workshop / presentation can be in: Portuguese, Spanish, English and French. 

At this workshop you will to meet other travelers with the same interest of you and you can discover the city with them. 

At the end of the workshop / presentation we will give you a little guide.

What we are building:
- A sitting room whith:
    - some couch to rest or to sleep if it's need;
    - a place to cook 
    - a place to take a shower

And much more. 

All this facilities it will be for free but you can do a donation to the maintenance of the space, 

For more information send us a message:

Edificio Eça de Queirós, Rua de Trás nº 157-I, S/LB - 4400-328 V.N. Gaia

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